MBA diary: Rank outsider

I MOVED half way around the world to Hong Kong to be with the man I love, so there was no manner I become going to observe at a enterprise school outside of the Fragrant Harbour. Given that there are most effective three enterprise colleges of be aware at the island—Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and Hong Kong University—that meant discovering which programme to attend did not take too much time or attempt. You, alternatively, may additionally don’t hong kong mba have any regulations—love, financial or in any other case—impeding your preference. If so, which means an entire lot of research. You can be inundated with advice, however allow me give you my tidbit anyway: do no longer limit yourself to the 100 colleges that find their manner onto The Economist or Financial Times lists.

Last August I started my one-year full-time MBA at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Upon arrival, The Economist ranked CUHK MBA 94th in the global and the Financial Times placed it at twenty seventh. By the time the second one time period rolled round, it become nowhere to be seen on both. My school genuinely dropped off the rankings. A lot of my fellow college students discovered this surely upsetting. Some wanted a partial refund and others growled that they might have by no means attended CUHK in the event that they had recognised it wouldn’t be at the rating.

We are in an era of Big Data, while the whole thing is trackable and quantifiable. MBAs, which fee numerous tens of thousands of bucks and as a minimum three hundred and sixty five days without pay, deserve to be scrutinised. But I don’t suppose that we ought to overvalue those media lists. Ranking or no rating, I’m very glad I studied at Chinese University of Hong Kong. It had the whole thing I wanted in an MBA programme. It had an excessive curriculum that challenged me from beginning to quit but also left me with time to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours. It also allowed me to use to several competitions and increase as a budding govt. Plus, everyone I went to highschool with became quite fantastic.

Instead of fixating on scores my concept is to get a very good know-how of what you want to get from your MBA. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? I-banker? Executive in a positive enterprise? This have to be the inspiration that ultimately leads you to the school that is great desirable to you.

What higher way to learn about a college than talking to recent alumni. With Facebook and LinkedIn (as well as all of the other MBA-targeted websites) it is straightforward to get in contact with recent grads and grill them on the professionals and cons of their college. If the college is within reach, why not go to it? You can meet with the administration and chat one-on-one. Even better: sit via one of the classes that maximum pastimes you. If your pinnacle schools are too far then google the college. Maybe a number of the professors have lectures available on YouTube or teach a MOOC. These channels are all extra frank and transparent than a ranking, don’t you think?

Some of my fellow students have been concerned that analyzing at a business faculty that didn’t sit inside the top one hundred faculties ought to positioned them at a drawback when it came time to discover a job. I appreciate that and it’d be a pity if it had been the case. However, enterprise colleges are sensitive approximately this subject matter and its career control centre will help you (via interview workshops and public speaking seminars) on the way to solution those sensitive questions. There is life beyond the pinnacle a hundred so long as you don’t let an arbitrary number get inside the manner of you and your future.

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